Austin, TX

Bio: I am as complex as the next person but good humored about it causing me to be pretty simple and easy going. I attribute my spring birthday (born on the first day of spring) to my optimistic personality. I understand others well & have always been content to be me. I have always loved to travel. My prized possession as a child was a map. I kept it in my closet & in my moments of solitude I mapped out my route; it was something spiritual for me like part of my day that allowed me to proceed to the next day. Haha, I was a funny child; my gym coach actually called me Oddrey, most the time shortening it to just Odd. Maybe I was more of a planner back then, (haha, some of you are already laughing knowing that I am not a planner in the least bit way) but I am certainly not now. I actually enjoy the feeling of being lost. The first trip I took in my adulthood was completely random. Everyday normality in the morning of that day but by the afternoon the thought had become reality. I took off for an unknown destination detour to life & no one heard from me for a week. From time to time maybe we all need a slice of solitude to gather the sense of ourselves that life tends to strip us of. To this day, maps, globes, flags, or anything hinting to direction of travel catches my eye. Who knows what you can find when you look in the right places at of course the right time? With age I have learned timing really is everything. An explorer & dreamer allows for my interesting imagination. I think the grey area is boring-I don't like being in between things. I recently learned that I am either all jokes & nothing is serious to me with that "life is too short to take seriously" mindset OR everything is up for philosophical debate & I am yearning to discuss any personal topic at hand in great depth. I am never ashamed to admit to vulnerability; ask me anything I have no fear in telling the truth. I think a strong suit of mine but also a major flaw is my unsettling nature in that everything feels temporary. Change is good, makes us feel growth. I'm ready and adaptive; Vámonos!

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