We devalue negative energy when we place a positive spin on it. When we build up a wall of authentic self by producing moral fibers of strength, we become untouchable. The purpose of the following words from my heart is to apply my learning lessons in self growth, positive perception and authentic integrity.

Be the leader you always knew you were capable of becoming:

Society molded you, but does not determine your actions. You can see yourself as a product of determinism or of free will, either way; the world is a reflection of how you see it. Personally, I must choose to see it as good and nurture all that it is. I feel strongly that when we do an act of kindness or stand up for another soul, we do so from dedication to our authentic inner strength. Heroism is less an intended action, but a reflex; a reflex like that of a muscle twitch from strength training your heart. Your actions come from the moral fiber of your mindset. Your perception shapes your worldview. You bubble in your brain scantron with what you wish to feed your soul with. A positive mind creates a positive life, right? Stay positive in the face of adversity. Reach for your cornerstone of inner strength when you feel yourself getting off balance.

Being Human:

Suffering is our path to compassion and thus the identity source of being human. A philosophical question that comes alive here is that of whether art shapes life, or life shapes art. I believe the ladder, experience drives us to create, and thus art is produced from our living experiences. Most recently, I finished watching West World, a true art in the cinema of our culture, in which the collective philosophy in the fibers of the story are that suffering does indeed make for the consciousness of feeling human. You awake to the feeling of being alive. I know what it is to feel dormant and I know what it is to feel active. It is all in my perception at any given moment. The moral of any story of what it is to be human will remain that being human is an inert intuition and a feeling of enlightenment through experiencing the world around you. Learning to stay present with that emotion of feeling alive is the lesson. You learn to maintain joy in the face of suffering because out of it something beautiful is to come. The question then is what is worth suffering for? The common answer is love. The greatest trigger for enlightenment and emotion of all, love. The greatest deliverance of pain/suffering and joy/liberation, is love. You alone have the choice on what is worth suffering for, or if you dare to be brave enough to embrace that pain and joy at all. Make your choices authentically so that there is no question that you followed your heart’s desire. Each person is born into the world with a gift and a treasure map of finding that gift to make us authentic. Being human is a learning process towards authenticity and resilience.

Gratitude is Power:

Again I reiterate, you eliminate the power source of negativity. The power hungry source could be any range of things: a shallow person with purpose to play you like a puppet, a narcissist looking to feed from manipulation and belittlement of others, oppression from an individual or a group, negative shackles wishing to weigh you down in a world that you were meant to fly. You gain strength by viewing every arduous moment you have lived as an opportunity to personal growth. That mindset changes everything and opens doors to let light flood in. You alone hold the flame; no one can blow it out if you exercise its power, gratitude. I speak from experience, I know these flame blowers personally. I thank those people, right here, right now- thank you. From a sincere place in my heart I thank you for I am able to channel your weakness into my strength of empowerment. The collective you that I express my gratitude towards: I understand you have your reasons, your validations, and your truth to follow too. The purpose of peace is to never demoralize our differences. There is an ocean of differences that join us to experience the vibrant experience of swimming free. Our differences are defined in the grains of sand that make the whole beach beautiful. Those grains of sand have held our written words of love and day after day the water cycles in, routinely shaping change. Yet, despite the constant change, the struggle the riptides carry, and amongst the noise the crash of the waves creates, that sand remains solid. We can walk on solid ground despite the changing tides that recede in and out and the waves that rise and fall. Those that think different from me create a wave of thought within me. I compelled to say that when I repel from your worldview, I am pushed to the ground only temporarily, only to feel every cell in my body come alive in order to stand up stronger and rise up taller. To my friends, do not let the ugliness of the world drop you to levels that are not you, for when you fall the ground to is leveled with optimism in that you will rise up again. Rising has more strength than falling and ultimately it is your choice to rise again.

I am awake. I am unafraid. I know who I am. That is my personal liberation that will guide me through the roller coaster of life.  I seek my tribe of community that also utilizes empathy to connect to the greater sum of humanity. You may reach enlightenment alone, but “like a flower, you open & blossom because of other people” (Desmond Tutu, The Book of Joy). That positive tribe will quote Anais Nin, “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Blossom yourself into being. Bloom into being authentic. Grow for yourself, then reap the benefit of living in the sun.

My loved ones, our world is very intense with messages of hate right now- those messages are intended to harm, but hold your power over it and know that what is to come is the resolution of connection. Human connection is the most powerful reality of all. Our inner selves are seeking unity from each other in this time of intense challenge. We will rise Stronger. We are bonding to unify what we believe is the reason for life entirely, love. Love yourself, love your neighbor, love your family members, love your friends and foes. The message above all is that you can make a difference. You can push your own limits of love, empathy, harmony, and gratitude for the greater good of the whole universe.