Heartbreaker Banquet

Heartbreak is certainly a challenge to overcome. I suppose overcoming it in general is questionable. The Heartbreaker Banquet is an appropriate title for a music fest in the legendary Texan songwriter, Willie Nelson’s hill country setting because heartbreak is the song so easily sung using the power chords of our heart strings. I have heard that soul mates yearn for each other if not together. That yearning or longing is finely tuned & relayed through the melodies and lyrics of the talented musicians shining in the golden sun out at Luck, TX. Shakey Graves growls this aspiring sense of longing in his Unlucky Skin singing, “won’t be long til I belong”. Oh, Shakey, that Texan Gentleman that gives so much of his honorable & sensible self to his audience that he alone creates a whole ‘nother atmosphere for perhaps a future blogging adventure. At this moment, I share my lens from Heartbreaker Banquet. For more from this album, check out https://www.facebook.com/finn.focus