After the game, we ended Sunday with finally making it out to the World Music Fest at the Cultural Arts Center. From the time the plane landed all I wanted was to hit up this event! I had read about it through and was happy to hear it would still be going on during my stay. Timing plays a crucial role in our lives so I made it when I was supposed to. I saw only one band, DakhaBrakha, and that is all I needed. I sat completely still, emotion coursing through my veins drawing out an articulating transient tone, the music climaxes to full range of vocals & instruments, then, just then, a whisper, “mom I’m bored.” Dylan was not on the same train, haha. 🙂 He did not dig the Ukrainians, but he has a mind all his own and he preferred the french speaking band that played next. DakhaBrakha has amazing talent! Check them out. I loved them so much that I bought two cds and shared them with friends immediately upon returning home.

contrasted bridge over chicago riverwalk_2

I have not gone kayaking before, so I was equally excited and nervous. I did not want to risk the potential regret of damaging my electronics, thus I have no kayak photos 😦 Dylan and I shared a kayak with him in the front. Chicago’s Urban Kayaks (  is the name & I would recommend this tour to anyone. The tour guide, an aspiring actor with that one day recognizable face gave fabulous illustrations of information along the way, giving insight to the local architecture and some of Chicago’s ghost stories.

One of my first thoughts walking across the bridge that first night was how grand it would be to transport back in time to see this very spot of this grand city in the late 20’s. Like most, I am fascinated with the roaring 20’s decade, thus am even dedicating a whole party on it by hosting a flapper themed holiday party near the end of this lovely year. For this intrigue into America’s past, I have spent leisure time on “Boardwalk Empire” lately. My goodness, I am addicted!  If you also have an obsession over Prohibition like me check out the film, “Lawless”(, just a side note since I got started on bootleggers depicted in film.

Chicago skyline in the 20’s chicago skyline in the 20s

Modernized Jazz Age music of the 20’s :

I cannot wait to hit up ATX kayaks & do it again and AGAIN and again!!! Right now there is a super cool art piece hovering Town Lake. Here is a brief article as to why there is a giant white tree dangled upside down over the water.

Remaining photos from the last day and maybe some lingering ones that belong from one of the five days:

light with buildings IMG_2207_editedIMG_1986_edited IMG_1983_editedautumn sun PicsArt_1379981622322 PicsArt_1379982317196 PicsArt_1379982647540 PicsArt_1380316444892 PicsArt_1381042061825