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House of Blues

First thing i did after getting set up in the hotel was went down to get one of my favorite beers now that I was back in town to do so. I am up on the 15th floor with a scenic view of the Chicago Riverwalk salivating over my favorite Chicago brew…and…they don’t have it!!! The keg had recently runneth over 😦 so I got a replacement drink, some basil liquor lemonade of some kind. Once the quench was over, it was time to hit the street! House of Blues was in walking distance and we were both hungry for blues and food sooooo HOB was the house of choice!

IMG_1240_edited IMG_1415_edited IMG_20130923_185356 IMG_1391_edited chicago river IMG_1469 IMG_20130921_145244 1379615414216 1379624983694 1379625225278 1379625298221 1379625398283  1379625631385 1379625505682 1379625667928 1379694921951 1379695010098 IMG_1414 IMG_1418 IMG_20130918_203632_edited IMG_20130918_203727_edited IMG_20130919_091555 Such a goodd helper 🙂 IMG_20130919_091624 IMG_20130919_093120 IMG_20130919_143458I heart Southwest.IMG_20130919_143430_edited IMG_20130919_130532A small layover in Kansas. IMG_20130919_121048 IMG_20130919_093224_edited IMG_20130919_160713 IMG_20130919_161919yolo IMG_20130919_093037_edited IMG_20130920_193052Our Groovy hotel flooring 🙂  IMG_20130919_200131 IMG_20130919_195501_edited IMG_20130919_194747_edited IMG_20130919_204428 IMG_20130919_201337 IMG_20130919_204847_edited IMG_20130920_104821_editedI snuck this photo at Subway on the first day because I felt they represented Chicago….industrial hard hats on a lunch break looking out to the city. IMG_20130922_012659 IMG_20130922_013652


Chicago Trip #2

I am thrilled to be back in Chicago! I really love this city and hope to be ambitious enough to take more trips here. My first trip was amazing but too short. This trip has allowed for much more exploring with 5 days to utilize. For now I only want to post flight photos because I didn’t bring my laptop and still need a keyboard for my tablet. I have really enjoyed traveling with my son because he is a sponge and sees everything with fresh eyes. I love watching him experience the new and gather the confidence and independence that travel gives you. I love the way he says Chicago and I try to take note of his quotes. A bit of honesty here, I love this city so much that my heart skips a beat when he calls our hotel our apartment. Sitting here in the lounge, I am recalling that I enjoy a challenge, particularly in travel adaptation. Something that keeps me from feeling anxious and caving into tourist mode is that I tell myself I will come back. This city has too much to offer leading for no reason not to return again and again. 1379608375424 1379615255581 1379608484437 1379615078835 IMG_20130919_230321 1379625112225 IMG_20130919_112348 IMG_20130919_112854 PicsArt_1379614605079 PicsArt_1379625186967 IMG_20130919_120946                                                                            So I feel I test myself in travels, leaving and taking the first step is always the first hurdle, but I realize now that this trip has become me testing my son. I can’t fear change for his sake anymore. He has a beautiful ability to adapt and has been quite the pro. He has loved every minute and keeps moving forward with me, just like a good sidekick should.

Photos up finally!

I have been browsing website options in the past few weeks. Taking notes, tips, and new sites to look into from friends and think I found the one I prefer. I still have watermarking to conquer, but luckily the greatest graphic designer/artist/photographer/web designer I know of has taken the task to make me a watermark 🙂 Feeling lucky in feeling out my purpose today.

personal GOALS:

Step one: present a portfolio – check!

Step Two: learn an instrument – check to 2 chords on the guitar so far 😉 A minor and F. Of course my favorite song right now would dominate in power chords that have my initials, AF 🙂

Step Three: put these lyrics to work with music!

Step Four: record those bitches – kind of check mark 😉 A friend of mine has access to a recording studio at all times & we briefly discussed me going down to check it out today. This I am not ready for at all! Yet, I don’t want to put it off so *sigh* i have lots of writing ahead of me and I hope to start voice lessons very, very soon.

Off to work! The little man is asleep so, time to start my non paying jobs, my beloved hobbies that I thoroughly enjoy dedicating time to but hate when I am pressed to organize my thoughts. Some days I awake feeling inspired and ready to write or  photograph all day, but sadly I must sell the day to making money pshhhh like that is the most important thing we navigate our lives around 😉

Fortune Forecast

Some of us have this unexplained gypsy blood within us causing for a feeling of restlessness at certain times in the course of life. I am happy to have found a home in Austin but still itch to get out on the open road with no expectations of where the road leads. I idolize anyone who actually does live on the road and understand the challenge of leaving people that have touched your heart behind. Lately, I fear the bug biting me again. Clearly, this travel bug is a pest in my brain because everywhere I go I get some sort of sign. Here are a few I have received from this last week.

A. The Alchemist found me. I read it and the moral of the story is we yearn to leave everything behind and take a huge risk in change. We travel far and find stories of love and friendship to return home to realize in the exploration we set out to find something valuable like treasure, what we find instead is ourselves. We return home to find what we left behind was already valuable but could not be seen unless challenged.

“Everybody, when they are young, knows what their personal legend is. They yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them. But as time passes, a                                                        mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their personal legend. The mysterious force is a force that appears to be negative,                                        but actually shows you how to realize your personal legend. It prepares your spirit and your will – It’s your mission on earth. To realize it is a person’s only real                                                        obligation. And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

B. One of my favorite bands that sings to my gypsy soul is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Finally, the concert day had come, but the night before was rough which lead into a horrible day, so naturally I began to think of calling it off. I shook off the blues and put my ivory dress on and thick eyeliner to hide my puffy, tired eyes and began to drive. Before I even got to the first light I noticed that a rainbow might guide me there. Indeed, the rainbow remained to my left the entire drive and disappeared as soon as I parked. On that drive was also a beautifully silver lined cloud to my right and so I drove in between a pathway of hope .  This tunnel of signs told me that I should never lose sleep over a heavy heart again. What makes this a good story in my opinion is that when I checked my horoscope for that day this is what it said, “There are opportunities for achievement, so stay open to new energy coming your way, Pisces. If you don’t turn at these fortuitous junctions, you may never find this spot in the road again. What comes your way may not be a pot of gold, but it will certainly be the rainbow that leads you to it. If nothing else, you’ll find opportunities that strengthen your spirit, preparing you for adversity later.” Pretty cool, huh? 🙂rainbowA photo from the morning of:IMG_20130904_080114_edited

C. Today’s fortune cookie slip relays a similar vibe fortune says 🙂 thanks fortune, I approve this one!

The signs lead the way, my heart will figure out the path. I will realize my dream, my “personal legend” when the time is right and trusting that will give me strength when I doubt.

It is only the beginning now and I do indeed feel the tides changing. My next post will speak more on what I mean by this.

Dedication to blogging for the day – check! Now I need to find which of my photos best represents the theme of “dream” for a photo contest. 🙂 Too bad this one is not mine.




I found the beer I had while at the art museum here at my local grocery store. I am enjoying it tonight for Labor Day celebration time. Cheers!