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More photos!!!!

if i was a bird IMG_0414 Let's Get Lost let's meet under the buddha soulsky on fire statue sunlight the bean A Modern Sky bird


Drumbeat Freed Me

Drumbeat Freed Me

This awakening has been a long time coming
Rebirthing the soul is necessary for
the heart to cleanse the spirit
all the love lyrics
that have been tangled in my heart
are now set free
freed by the beat of the drum
I have found the drum circle
& want to join in
I want to lose my mind
& not cower from the eyes that fall upon me
as I set my body free to the beat
I hear life’s heartbeat surround me
I am awake
I have come to know the me
I feared I’d never be

The Inner Alteration

Someone I admire most lifted the latch to set me free and it is a beautiful gift that needs no attention other than to bring focus to the irony that a self proclaimed selfish being could give such a great deal to another person. Gratitude inserted here.
What was learned? Have you changed? What’s next? Questions like these are asked by either ourselves or others after some kind of accomplishment or journey.
I felt invincible upon returning with a boastful amount of courage gained. I have less fear in traveling alone. I have always needed my solitude but venturing with no one to lean on is still untouched territory. On the contrary, in traveling we are never alone – we look to each other for some kind of comrade and we are forced to have faith in humanity.

Goals- I will be much better at setting these and drifting less in the world

Agenda – there are def some items to purchase to ease travel preparedness

Finally, I end with a recent poem written after witnessing the spiritual power of the drum circle back in May….


Buses are like bars: people want to unload their problematic life story on anyone near. What is it with public transportation and there being two types of people? One is overselling him/herself because let’s face it you can come up with any lie you wish to perceive your life as to strangers you will never see again. Or the opposite occurs and a person pounces on the fact that a listener will be stuck & thus begins to unload their biography. I wish I could have quoted the 5 hour talker and am glad it wasn’t me that he clamped to. I did however quote the crazy guy in the middle of the night:
“does anybody know when the 1st and 3rd checks coming in? I need my checks! I don’t like when fat people touch me and I’m not for sale! Thinking ’bout getting me a number seven. I been thinkin’ bout going back up to Minnesota”

THE LIGHTER is photographed because upon returning home I realized the handwriting on it. I find it funny that I was out wandering in a city I don’t know a thing about with a lighter that begs the reader to “ask me about the last guy that stole my lighter”. haha.

The Wait in Memphis

timeThe longest four hours of my life were spent recently in Memphis, TN. We have the technology to NEVER ever get bored again but this fool was not actually charging her plugged in phone on the Megabus the entire time. You’d think you’re going to a bus station to wait for long periods of time there would be plugs, but in Memphis you’d be wrong. The security guard said people were getting in fights over the plugs so they were all pulled. The first 2 hours I killed by sitting near those familiar from the bus & walking to subway with the 12 yr old girl that craved my attention on the bus, along with her little brother. We had dinner together. They were my only light in a unkind and unfamiliar place. Once the only companions I had left, the fear was written on my pupils so I closed them as to not keep counting the minutes. You might poke fun of me for being scared in a clearly public location with security guards but first I am pansy. Second, I wasn’t aware of this stop so I had doubts fill in my head that maybe I wasn’t on the right bus. Third, I literally saw a zombie! This dude walked slanted, his mouth was open wide to the side & he had a face that was completely gone (drugs are bad folks).

The only other downfall is combined with regret. If only I had not had to pee during The Lumineers I would’ve danced to my favorite songs. This very long pee trip affected the next 2 shows, one being the Mumford & Sons! I didn’t get to dance to these two bands. 😦

Lucky moment:

I lost my phone so we missed the boat party BUT at least I was reunited with my phone the next day. Thank the good found in so many people out there! Thanks Dan!!!

If there were highlights, were there any downfalls?

The entire weekend was fabulous, aspiring, enlightening, a learning experience, and overall left me with the feeling that it was just the first step to many more travels and/or just whimsical experiences.

I of course worry of the outcome, texting to a friend on the way up there, “I don’t know the ripples that will form from this,but I am diving in headfirst. Chances and risks have been my friend so far, but my mixed emotions cause for me to feel that I am atop the escalated roller coaster before it drops.”

“Doubt is the beginning not the end of wisdom” – Proverb

Abelardo Morrell & Camera Obscura

*slideshow inserted*
It was meant to be that I would stand before the greatest photography I have ever seen. I just started researching Lomography, now Camera Obscura too, woohoo I have hours of viewing before me!
One of the most interesting techniques Morrell uses is the tent camera which is a unique portable camera obscura that throws the image of a landscape upon the ground’s surface.

Art Institute of Chicago

I explored nearly every inch of the art museum and had a fabulous & enlightening time doing so. Often when visiting new places we are pressed for time in trying to knock out everything on our list. Ordinarily, I first wouldn’t have been alone & second would have been pushed to move on to the next sight. I thoroughly enjoyed taking my time & observing extraordinary works of art. I have been dying to go to an art museum & since this trip was unplanned it was simply surreal. I was there from open to close and actually still missed 2 galleries! Mid-afternoon was time for a break & so I relaxed sipping on Chainbreaker, a white IPA out of Oregon, on the terrace of the art museum café.


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green light sun hand stage IMG_0462 stagelights IMG_0455 sunglassskyIMG_0305 IMG_0319 IMG_0333 IMG_0334 IMG_0368Lollapalooza

Highlights & favorite moments:

– Getting snuck into Lollapalooza with an artist band – I think I will always remember looking down at my wrist and seeing “ARTIST” as some sort of motivating force to effect my future
– A couple weeks prior to my weekend getaway, I watched a couple dance out on Rainy street and wanted so badly to have the same ignorance of others watching me. At Lolla, I held that isolating moment of dancing like no one was watching.
-Singing in the street
-Getting lost and being found.
-A rooftop chair where fear was numbed by indulgence
-Feeling like a traveler as I walked with my bag slung round my shoulders walking to Lakeshore in the drizzle of the rain

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The Experience

IMG_20130806_121239 IMG_20130806_121313 IMG_20130803_112946 IMG_20130803_112952 IMG_20130803_113020 IMG_20130803_113024 IMG_20130803_113231 IMG_20130803_113322 IMG_20130803_113550 IMG_20130803_113826 IMG_20130803_114745 IMG_20130806_121209The Experience

I really don’t like recalling factual information so I apologize for not using this blog as an instrument to record every detail of a small journey taken. We all highlight our favorite moments in life in small sentences anyway. So here are my highlights….